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About Us

Undivided will ensure that the voice of young people is not overlooked in the most significant process of our generation.

Our campaign does not seek to reverse the referendum result, but instead to move forwards by setting out where we go from here as a country. Undivided will accept all demands from young people, and then manage a voting process to decide on the top ten demands as stated by UK 13-29 year olds. This will be presented to Parliament.

As young people, it’s time for us to decide our future, not have it decided for us.

Meet the team

We are a group of 30 young people from different backgrounds who came together in the wake of the EU Referendum. Between us, we voted Remain, Leave or didn’t vote at all (some of us are under 18!). But regardless of how we voted, we are connected by the desire to fight for young people’s interests in all Brexit negotiations and ensure positive change. This is a campaign led by young people for young people.

We are recruiting a Social Content Producer. If you’re interested, check out the role here! 



Vedant Dudraj
Savena Surana
Rahma Hussein
Olivia Tredwin
Nurasyl Shokeyev
Meg Kneafsey
John-Paul Ennis
Joe Porter
Jamie Mccoll
Havish Patel
Hafsah Dabiri
Gideon Moss
Elspeth Hoskins
Elliott Goat
Edward Boott
Constantino Christou
Charlotte White
Charlotte Gerada
Annisa Wright
Emma Pritchard

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