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Campaigners Respond to PM’s Brexit Speech on BBC Newsbeat

Luke and Meg examine Theresa May’s Brexit speech. Listen to their responses here >>> Read story...


Meg Kneafsey Argues Why The Environment Matters Most in Brexit Negotiations

In the months since the UK voted to leave the European Union and, during a time of political instability around... Read story...

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Charlotte Gerada writes for the Migrant’s Rights Network

Co-Leader Charlotte Gerada discusses Brexit and why young people need to see themselves as leaders… Read story...

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Out, But Not Forgotten

Campaign Manager Elspeth Hoskins discusses what is at stake for young people and why we need to care… Read story...

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Undivided Listed In 7 Most Inspiring Social Change Campaigns

Youth isn’t wasted. Phone Luckhurst speaks to 7 of the young people who are shaking up the capital… Read story...

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Brexit will affect the young more than anyone. Heed our voices.

Co-leader Joe Porter discusses the Supreme Court ruling and how it will affect young people… Read story...

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Undivided Launches to Impact Brexit Negotiations

A campaign demanding a better Brexit deal for young people has been launched with the aim of gathering the views... Read story...

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Undivided Launched To Demand Best Brexit For Young People

While it is estimated around 75% of under 25’s voted remain in EU referendum, the campaign is headed by young... Read story...